Halloween Nail Decals, Blood Splatter Waterslide Decal

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Lilium Nail Decals are printed on professional equipment with the highest quality materials. Nail decals could be easily transferred to natural or artificial nails in just minutes. Our waterslide nail decals last up to 2 weeks, all without damaging your natural nails.

Lilium nail decals are perfect for natural, artificial nails and even toes.

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Sheet with 12 nail decals.

2 decals (20 x 34 mm)
2 decals (18 x 34 mm)
4 decals (16 x 34 mm)
4 decals (14 x 34 mm)

All of the Nail Decals are non-transparent but work best with a white or light background.


1. Carefully cut out the nail decal
2. Paint your nails any color you like, and let them dry fully
3. Hold nail decals in a small bowl of water using tweezers for 30 seconds
4. Slide the nail decal off the white backing
5. Carefully place the nail decal on your nail
6. Dab excess water off the nail decal with a paper towel
7. Seal the nail decal with a few coats of top coat nail polish or gel polish


Need custom decals with photos or your favorite boy’s band, your best in the world dog, Halloween special or your winning football team? I can do that! Just send me a custom order request and we will discuss it.