Shapes & Sizes

Forget about poorly fitting drugstore nails and step into the world of luxury press on nails.  The key to a natural fit and long wear time is choosing the right size nails, which is why all Lilium Nails are custom made to order.

It’s critically important to know your size before making an order. The correct size will give you perfect nails while the wrong size could disappoint you. If you previously made an order of press on nails anywhere and you know your sizes you still need to repeat the measuring process. Different blank tips manufacturers have the same sizes of nails for different physical dimensions. In other words, if you have sizes 1,5,4,6,8 in one store, you might have 0,4,3,5,7 in another.

There are three options to find a perfect fit.

  1. Find your perfect fit with one of our Sample Sizing Packs.
  2.  You will need a ruler with centimeters, clear scotch tape, and a thin marker/pen.
    Firstly you have to watch this video:
    You can see there how I taking measures of blank tips. You need to do this process with all your nails, write down the measures and send them to me. I have to warn you that I do not take any responsibility for wrong size orders and I do not accept returns, so you need to be careful when taking measures.
  3. Purchase a full set of 20 nails (all sizes), and you will forget about troubles. I highly recommend this option when you ordering nails for the event or just do not want to waste your time on measurements.


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Different shapes of press on nails.