Sample Sizing Kit To Measure Nails


This pack of all sizes is the perfect option to ensure you get the perfect fit for your order. It’s the most accurate way to measure your nails before the purchase of the Press on Nails.

You’ll be able to accurately size your nails by trying on all the sizes we offer. You are going to receive a pack of 10 blank nails, numbered from 9 to 0 for easy reference. If you want to try more than one shape – repeat Add To Cart process.

If you want to have nails done in a shape – take these samples:

Regular Coffin – choose Regular Coffin
Long Coffin – choose Long Coffin
Regular Stiletto – choose Regular Stiletto
Long Stiletto – choose Long Stiletto
Regular Square – choose Long Square
Long Square – choose Long Square
Regular Almond – choose Regular Stiletto
Long Almond – choose Long Almond
Regular Oval – choose Regular Stiletto
Long Oval – choose Long Oval
Regular Ballerina – this shape is not available due to a specific of the shape
Long Ballerina — choose Long Ballerina

Once you have sized your nails you can determine if you fit any of the preset sizes (XS, S, M, L). If you don’t, select the CUSTOM in the size section and write your sizes in a NOTE TO SELLER during checkout, when you will purchase sets of nails

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Coffin, Oval, Stiletto, Long Almond, Long Coffin, Long Oval, Long Square, Long Stiletto, Long Ballerina

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